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Colour Consultation

The Power of Colour: How It Can Transform Your Space

Colour has the ability to completely transform your environment in a simple and cost-effective way. When it comes to designing a space, choosing the right colours is crucial as it can make or break the entire project, regardless of its size.

Avoid costly decorating blunders and feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of options by scheduling a colour consultation. I will provide expert guidance on colour hues, finishes, and brands that are tailored to your specific space and budget.

Interior Design

Effective and Affordable Space Solutions

II specialise in working with various spaces, including but not limited to home offices, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, home extensions, and commercial spaces such as pubs, cafes, and restaurants. I firmly believe that understanding the client's desired ambiance is the key to creating the perfect space they crave.

3D Imaginary

I utilise cutting-edge software to produce 3D images and videos that help us experiment with various concepts until we arrive at the perfect match for your style, requirements, and budget.

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Personalised 3D

Presentation Packages

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Happy Clients

I have absolutely no words to describe how grateful for your in person consult yesterday. Your passion and creativity and thought and approach to our new interior design was mind blowing. Iā€™m speechless and so excited to work with you on this.

Emily, Carlow

,Joanne is amazing & excellent at her job , I was blown away by our first consultation , not only did she create a design to suit my home & personality but the Inspiration wow , I am so super excited to see it all take life and come together watch this space

Marian, Tipperary

Emma, Clondalkin

Thanks so much Joanne for your fab ideas for my bathroom! Such simple ideas that will help transform the space on a budget (yet don't look at all like a budget!! šŸ˜‰). You have a great eye and your energy and passion for your work is so clear to see! I am so excited to get going on my new bathroom! Xx

When it came to making a decision, I felt completely overwhelmed and stuck. Then Jo came in and saved the day with her enthusiasm and top-notch software ā€“ the design she envisioned was presented to me in a way that made everything clear. Not only did this make the process enjoyable, but the end result was even better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much, Jo!

Mary, Wexford

Linda, Clondalkin

Thanks for all the great advice for my living room. I am much clearer now on what will work in the room and the advice on type of sofa, measurements for sofa and media unit and the tips on painting were invaluable.

Jos's enthusiasm is contagious! We went from dreading the sittingroom renovation to loving the process. Now, we're excited to see what other amazing ideas she has in store for the rest of the house.

Olivia , Newbridge

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About Me

Hi I'm Jo, an interior designer with a passion for creating beautiful spaces that people love. My collaborative approach involves understanding my clients' needs, budget, and timeline to bring their vision to life. Seeing the joy on my clients' faces when their dream home becomes a reality is what makes me truly happy.

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Let's do this!

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you towards the creation of your dream home

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